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When should you introduce a pacifier?

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

Breastfeeding mothers should wait 3-4 weeks before introducing the pacifier to your newborn to avoid breastfeeding problems.

A new mom asked me if she should give her baby a pacifier. She was afraid that it would be hard to take it away from the baby (wean off the pacifier) and she had a fear that her baby would grow up and have dental issues. These are all valid concerns. However, I cannot make that decision for another mother. I prefer to give individuals the pros and cons and let them decide for themselves.

For me, the pacifier was a lifesaver! My children sucked a pacifier, and they were weaned by age 1. They never sucked their thumbs and did not have dental issues nor speech problems. The pacifier soothed my babies when they were fussy. It helped them sleep well and it avoided them sucking on bottles when they were not hungry. My babies had a strong urge to suck which is necessary to healthy development so the pacifier was a good choice for my family.

Giving your baby a pacifier or not is a personal choice and every mother should have their choice respected.

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